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Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. As a Neches FCU member, how do I sign up to receive text messaging?
    Sign into the web-based text messaging interface URL, and register your devices.

  2. As a Neches FCU member, may I unregister from the Text Message Notification service?
    Yes, simply log into the web-based text messaging interface, and remove the information

  3. What if I forget my PIN?
    Log into the web-based text messaging interface on your computer, and the information is saved there.

  4. What if I want to cancel? How do I cancel?
    Log into the web-based text messaging interface and remove the information.

  5. Who do I call if there’s a problem?
    Call one of our member service representative’s at 409-722-1174 or 409-860-0800.

  6. Is my transaction secure?
    Yes. Transactions between the mobile engine are fully encrypted. Text message notifications contain no sensitive information.

  7. What is the maximum number of characters?
    140 characters

  8. What happens if I exceed 140 characters in the middle of a transaction?
    The transaction will no exceed 140 characters. The service sends abbreviated information indicating account balances and the last three transactions for each account. A new message is created if needed.

  9. How many transactions can I do?
    An unlimited number of transactions are allowed.

  10. How quickly does the message go through?
    Messages typically go through within seconds, although delays of several minutes or more may be experienced depending on your particular wireless carrier.

  11. Does the message go through if I have no coverage?

  12. May I send a message to customer service?
    You may send an email from your mobile banking solution, or you may contact Neches FCU.


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